Month: September 2011

I Heard You Like Random Things So…

1. Boyfriend made soy curl ‘bacon’ from Vegan Diner last night and it might be the best thing ever. I had a BLT for lunch today and I’m in the best mood now.


2. Neighbors gave us a vegan ‘Three Sisters’ casserole. Other neighbors gave us homemade applesauce and blackberry jam. All because I delivered zucchini muffins and plum sauce to their homes. Food: the gift that keeps on giving!

3. I’m feeling better than yesterday, but still not hot. Two hours until I see the naturopath. I always have super high expectations, but I hope he gives me the answer to everything… 😀

4. We have a couch. And a shelving unit. And all of our bikes. Tomorrow we will have a dining table. If I could just find the motivation to unpack our millions of boxes, we would actually have a home.

5. Last Friday I made pancakes for dinner. I’m tempted to do it again tonight. I’m also tempted to make pizza from scratch. Fridays leave me feeling super manic at the end of the day.

6. Vegan MoFo starts tomorrow and I have NO IDEA what I’ll be posting about. I will try and take pictures though. Even though my flickr account needs to be renewed.