The Day Isn’t Over!

10pm, October 1st – Still plenty of time for my first Vegan MoFo post!

However, in true fashion of my life, today hardly revolved at all around food. The boyfriend and I spent most of the day at Target buying high-quality furniture, a blender (aint no Vita Mix, but will do for now), and all sorts of other gadgets for the house. Between that epic shopping trip and snagging a GIANT dining room table off Craigslist (three leaves – looks like it could easily seat 12 people!!!), we’re both pretty beat.

The great thing about being too tired to cook is that it means we have no problem agreeing to eat out. And just like we did when we were at apartment, we found a Thai place within walking distance.

While I used to love my old Thai place for its friendly staff and free mango sticky rice, the actual meals left much to be desired. In fact, I’ve grown so used to my local joint having hardly edible food that I was shocked tonight when we visited New Thai Blues and had perfectly cooked Pad Thai and FLAVORFUL Yellow Curry. The service was great, the beers-on-tap list was local and kindly priced, and they even have a full bar. We both ate a huge amount of delicious food and still came home with leftovers. I love my new neighborhood.

Now that's what I call Pad Thai...

Tomorrow should involve setting up the house further but the boyfriend has been talking about taking on some cooking projects as well – a black bean soup and a butternut squash curry for lunches/dinners for the week. Not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday.



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