Day of Rest

When we went to bed last night, we talked about how we would spend all today putting the house together and cooking.

And then we joined some friends for brunch and vegan french toast at Wild Abandon.

And then some of us broke off for mimosas and pumpkin beer at Sweet Hereafter.

And then a couple friends came to check out our new place where the boyfriend whipped together some pasta and homemade pesto.

And then it was 7pm.

Whoops. We’re both great at making big plans and finding ourselves exhausted before we’ve even began. But after all this moving and prepping and running around, it was really nice to have a day where we just went at our own place and played.

But we didn’t totally hide from the kitchen. In fact, after we finally took care of our weekly grocery shopping (yep, that’s how we roll), we both had a second wind and took to the kitchen. I put together a new appliance cart (MORE ROOM FOR POTS & PANS IN THE CABINETS!) and the boyfriend made a creamy black bean soup. When he was almost done, I put together a beer bread – we ended up eating leftovers tonight, but now we’ll have soup and bread for our lunches during this week. For the beer bread I just modify my mom’s old recipe, but it basically follows this:

More Room!!

Black Bean Soup & Ladybug Timer

Whole Wheat Beer Bread

It was a good night, a productive weekend, and still a lovely restful day.



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