From Scratch

In just a couple years, I went from being someone that exclusively shopped at Trader Joes (before they had bulk produce…what’s up apple four-pack) to being someone that makes the majority of her foods from scratch. I’ve spoiled myself on the quality, freshness, cheapness, and ease that is homemade goods. Some days I fear I’m digging a crazy hole (one that bottoms out at a place where I have no free time), but for now I’m pretty stoked.

Things I will be hard-pressed to buy again cuz it’s so easy and cheap to make:

1. Tortillas (especially corn)
2. Soy milk (and soon will learn yogurt and tofu)
3. Veggie broth
4. Hummus
5. Veggie burgers
6. Any sort of prepared beans

Lunch today is homemade pot pie. With spinach salad. And J’s hummus for a snack.

It’s not a bad way to live.


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