Month: June 2012

Cooking is Cool

If I’m going to talk about the food, I should post some shitty camera-phone pictures of it, right?

Mother-fuckin’ Homemade Tofu

Oh hi, did you know tofu is stupid easy to make? And tastes way better and is like 1/5 of the price than buying it from the store? WTH, I feel like I’ve been wasting my life away. Of course, I have a bunch of soaked soybeans in the fridge waiting to be turned into milks and tofus, but I keep finding reasons not to do it. /lazy

Strawberry Pie, Introducing Mutant Strawberry

I was told this looks pretty gross…and I guess it does. I let the jelly go a little long on the stove…but holy hell it tasted great. And considering I halved the amount of sugar, I felt pretty okay about eating it. Also, look at that fucking strawberry! Mount Hood, you crazy.

I guess that’s it. I keep forgetting to take pics of the beet burgers (which are all gone…some day I’ll make enough to freeze/stop inviting people over to eat them/make them smaller). Didn’t make the chimichangas yet (but maybe this weekend??). And made the green curry last night, which again, OMG so easy to make. I love my parents, and I’m stoked I can make a mean spaghetti sauce, but how did I not learn how to cook any of this amazing and easy food stuffs?


Hardly an Afterthought

Used to be I wasn’t much of a meal planner. Though I can’t go on a trip without having everything set six months ahead of time, I spent much of my early twenties using Trader Joe’s as my pantry and eating what and when I felt like it.

Living with someone has really changed that. My meal choices no longer affect only me, but they affect someone I really love (and much of the time, his mother). While I might be okay buying one bunch of asparagus and using it in six different dishes throughout the week or mixing questionable leftovers together and just covering the whole mess with ‘cheeze’, J certainly isn’t. Nor should he be because those are disgusting habits. So now I eat 100x better, but I have to put some thought into the week before hitting the grocery store.

And to be honest, “some thought” isn’t really the best description. We have to make sure there is enough food, that the meals are nutritious and well-balanced, that we’ll be around to actually cook, that we have time to eat leftovers, that there will be leftovers when we need them, and that we use perishable foods quickly so they don’t go to waste. Oh, and all without spending too much money. Easy, right?

It’s taken awhile and we’re still far from perfect – but we stay pretty close to $60/week, have plenty of food to eat, and haven’t had to throw out any produce.

This week:
English Muffin Pizzas with Broccoli Stem Pesto, Mushrooms & Garlic
South Indian Green Curry
Baked Chimichangas
Beet Burgers
Strawberry Pie

Seems a little heavy and diverse, but we’ll be using up quite a bit of leftovers, and those burgers will be a double batch where most get frozen for later.

To keep in the budget, it helps to prep some basics, so since it’s a quiet week we’ll be making:
Tofu (first try!)
Corn tortillas
Flour tortillas
Brown Rice
Black Beans (half to be refried)

Sometimes I feel like I’m playing the Adult too hard, but with food like this, I’m pretty okay with it.