Cooking is Cool

If I’m going to talk about the food, I should post some shitty camera-phone pictures of it, right?

Mother-fuckin’ Homemade Tofu

Oh hi, did you know tofu is stupid easy to make? And tastes way better and is like 1/5 of the price than buying it from the store? WTH, I feel like I’ve been wasting my life away. Of course, I have a bunch of soaked soybeans in the fridge waiting to be turned into milks and tofus, but I keep finding reasons not to do it. /lazy

Strawberry Pie, Introducing Mutant Strawberry

I was told this looks pretty gross…and I guess it does. I let the jelly go a little long on the stove…but holy hell it tasted great. And considering I halved the amount of sugar, I felt pretty okay about eating it. Also, look at that fucking strawberry! Mount Hood, you crazy.

I guess that’s it. I keep forgetting to take pics of the beet burgers (which are all gone…some day I’ll make enough to freeze/stop inviting people over to eat them/make them smaller). Didn’t make the chimichangas yet (but maybe this weekend??). And made the green curry last night, which again, OMG so easy to make. I love my parents, and I’m stoked I can make a mean spaghetti sauce, but how did I not learn how to cook any of this amazing and easy food stuffs?



    1. Do it! The most time consuming part about it is cleaning up from the soymilk (and I tend to get okara everywhere, so that’s a pain for me). But the tofu itself takes very little time and that fresh taste is so worth it. 🙂

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