Month: September 2012

Fall Friday

I swear, I’m more daydreamy in the fall than in springtime. All I want is to go home, get cozy, read, and bake.

I made cashew cream sauce last night, following Aaron Adams (of Portobello)’s instructions. It was super good, and nice to have alfredo pasta once again, but holy crap that sauce is rich. I don’t know what I expected of blended cashews, but now I understand why I always feel so painfully full when I leave the restaurant. I’m thinking about using the leftover sauce for either smoothies or some sort of dessert.

Tomorrow is a house day – that means cleaning, hopefully hanging curtains (we bought them three months ago, so it might be time), and a Bob’s Red Mill run. Someday soon I should share pictures of our pantry. We have all kinds of bulk goods, but we have some 5-gallon buckets filled with different flours. After 9 months, we’re finally out of oatmeal, so it’s time to restock. I almost hope the winter is as terrible as I think it will be so that I can cook bread everyday with our giant stores.

We were invited to a pie potluck tomorrow night. After first focusing on the brilliance of that idea (for all the potlucks I want to have/have had, this idea never occurred to me!), I started thinking about what to bring. I think J is making a blackberry nectarine pie (his favorite), and I’m going to try my hand at making mini pot pies in the cupcake tin. There will definitely be pics.

Sunday is my first cross race of the season. I’m crazy nervous (my riding has slowed down a bit the last couple weeks and I’ve been eating more again – hello 5lbs I lost), but really excited too. Not drinking has actually helped my endurance quite a bit and I’m curious to see how I do in a new category. Last year was kind of a joke for me – but I’m hoping I still like the sport. Also hope the mud isn’t far away.

Next post will likely be for VeganMoFo. Seriously going to try to eat at least one pumpkin item a day – but there may be repeats, so we’ll see how long I can make a pumpkin soup stretch. Orange skin is cool, right?


We Canned Tomatoes

For next time: Probably wont do “crushed” tomatoes. The consistency is kind of weird and the water separated from the tomatoes at first. Will either raw pack diced or most likely just make a sauce and can that.

It’s a lot of steps for four pint jars. But I feel like I learned a lot from this, and holy crap, I love the pressure canner. Watching that dial move is the best part. Oh, and will someone get me a gas stove already, this electric stove is a bunch of crap, I can’t adjust the settings worth anything!!


Started with 18 tomatoes. I think 5 of those we got from the farmer’s market (because we wanted to make sure we had enough) but the rest are from the garden!



We crushed them and let them cook in their own juices for 5-10 minutes. We ended up hand blending this to have it be more saucy, leaving just a few chunks.

The Canner!

It got CRAZY hot in there! So glad we finally sprung for the proper tools – I used to pull jars in and out of the pot by wearing double layers of oven mitts on each hand. Whoops.



Our four pint jars! They all sealed up, and each one should make a great pasta sauce in the dead of winter.

I will still water bath the applesauce and jams, but it was great preserving using a process that had very little guesswork – I felt like a scientist! Looking forward to trying other veggies…we’re getting on towards the end of the season here, so most canning will probably be next year.