First 21012 VeganMoFo post! I think it’s going to be a good month, between cooking, eating pumpkin every day (though I’m already finding it difficult – we’ll see how long this lasts), and cyclocross. Although today is the first day of October, this month really kicked off for me on Saturday with a run to Bob’s Red Mill (pantry: stocked!), Dave’s Killer Bread (freezer: stocked!), and ton of pie making.

J said that I should save all my trials and tribulations for the end of my posts, but I do want to note one thing I learned: whenever you estimate cooking time, add an hour. For being a such a timely person, I’m terrible at estimating how long something will actually take to cook (probably because I used to ‘cook’ with pre-made goods that only required heating), and starting to bake pies at 4:30pm for a 7pm party was a bad idea. Needless to say, we were about an hour late.

However, we ended up making some kick-ass food! J loves fruit pies, and made an apple blackberry pie, sweetened only with blueberry juice (seriously, the only sugar was a tiny bit mixed in his glaze for the crust).Β  We both made a half white/half whole wheat crust with vodka – I had a little sugar in mine though.

The chef mixing the pie crust together. He actually has a great pastry cutter, but I had stolen it at that point. Note his amazing cat apron.

The crust came together so easily and held together great! I really noticed the difference with the vodka and was very impressed with the flakiness. Still not convinced that chilling the dough does anything, but hey, better safe than sorry.

The fruit and juice was stewed together on the stove and left to sit and congeal for awhile. Did you know apples have natural pectin that make this process go very well? Of course, a little cornstarch never hurt.

Blurry, but you can see the pretty colors of the fruit in the crust! Was all I could do to keep from spooning tastes out at this point.

Mr. J glazing the top of the pie with almond milk, a touch of sugar, and cinnamon. Note the crazed pie look. Note the cat apron. Note that we used Vegan Pie in the Sky for the crust recipe and info on baking times.

The final pie. Isn’t she beautiful? Looking at this picture makes me sad we finished it last night. Great job, J!

I decided to go the savory route and the pain-in-the-ass route, and made individual pot pies! I saw it on Pinterest so OF COURSE IT MUST BE DONE. While completely adorable (and way tasty), I don’t know if all the work is worth it – pie crust is not the easiest dough in the world to manipulate, and by #12 (that’s right, I only made 12, deal with it), I was cursing all pies. I may try it again, but I may have to learn some new techniques for rolling out.

My slop. Adapted from the All-American Seitan Pie in the Veganomicon – the biggest differences being no celery and store bought seitan (what’s up, Upton’s!). Using the dutch oven was the best idea I had, this made WAY more than I thought it would. I still have enough filling for a 9-inch pie!

Look at them! All cute and mini! They look like they’ll never come out of the pan, don’t they? I sure spent the next two hours freaking out about that. What’s wonderful about this size though is that they only took 30 minutes to bake.

I need to work at taking better pictures. But you get the idea. They came out! In one piece! Fairly easily! And tasted good! It almost makes the effort worth it.

So there you have it. Most likely the longest post and most baking I will do this entire month.



  1. Ooh mini pot pies! I’ll never understand why making something mini makes it automatically way more appealing, but whatever it is, it works. They look super delicious.

    I’m digging the cat apron and the crazed pie-making expression. The two compliment each other.

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