Month: December 2012

Thanksgiving Update?

Better late than never! Except that I didn’t really take any pictures of the food. But Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Great people, great food, a stomach in total pain…now that’s a holiday. I mean, look how happy we all are:

Sit down style.

But I learned a lot this year. It’s tough hosting a dinner for 12 people, but after four years, I’m starting to get a sense of it.

It’s not easy just because it’s a potluck.
It’s so great not having to cook everything from scratch myself, knowing there will be too much food, and variety of flavors and dishes. But goddamn, trying to reheat everything at the same time is near impossible. And realizing that no one brought a serving spoon for their dish. And wondering how to serve two different kinds of gravy when you only have one gravy boat. And trying to balance the dish of roasted veggies while you move other dishes to make room (you wont be able to and the veggies will fall on the floor and you’ll feel like an asshole). I underestimated this year a little bit because our own dishes were so prepared (the kitchen was actually clean before others started coming over!), and I really should have realized that I would need more help in the eleventh hour.

Ask for help.
See above. I’m still kicking myself for saying no to those that did offer. It wasn’t until it was too late that I recognized I couldn’t do it alone.

Keep the wine OUTSIDE of the kitchen.
Hard to dart around the kitchen when it’s full of people!

Dinner wont be on time.
People will show up late, the gravy will take extra time, etc. Better to just let it come together when it’s ready than try to force it.

Serve appetizers.
So last year we had appetizers, and it just seemed so silly to eat before eating such a huge meal – we were all way full and ended up with tons of leftovers. But you will have that friend that didn’t eat before coming over and tries to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while you’re cooking. So avoid this and just put out some chips and salsa.

Keep the after game dinner simple.
Talk about something we did right this year. Last year we played Life and I’m still finding game pieces all over the house. This year we played Cards Against Humanity (awesome game, everyone should own it!), and it was so nice to play something that didn’t take away from the food coma.

Per usual, I decreed that I would never do this again…but now I’m starting to think next year could be even more awesome.