Begin Again

Welp, I haven’t posted in awhile. I also changed the layout. And deleted the posts that weren’t so vegan-related (no one really needs to hear me whining about being bored at work). Vegan MoFo is just around the corner, and despite being out of town for two weeks, I’ve decided I’m going to participate again. For real. For the whole month. I promise!

So I guess I’d better get back in the habit of posting crap.


To kick off Vegan MoFo (and you know, to take a long overdue vacation), J and I are going to Sweden! Two weeks of train rides, new sites, cooking in hostel kitchens, and discovering buffets. I’m a bit nervous about my options, but since we’re sticking to the big cities, it looks like it won’t be that hard to eat vegan in Sweden. Can’t wait to post more on this and share pictures – 17 days to go!


We learned so much from our garden last year and stepped it up a notch this time around. More tomatoes, an extra bed, and even trying beans! I’m so glad that we planted zucchini instead of yellow squash this year – if I have to eat a ton of one vegetable each week, I know what I’d rather have.


You can see a few items we picked this past weekend. Don’t mind the weirdly shaped carrots, we’re going to till the ground MUCH deeper next year. I will share updates on the upcoming insane tomato harvest.

Cooking/Eating Out

We’ve been so much better about cooking at home this summer (which is hard when you get off work and just want some chips/salsa/beer for dinner), and have made some pretty tasty dishes, from tempeh bbq bowls to bell pepper casserole. But of course we still find ourselves pulled out by the beet burger at White Owl or pizza at Portobello. As I get back in the swing of things, I’m hoping to share more of what we make and reviews of things we eat out.

Happy to be back!


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