Gimme Pizza


This weekend was a very successful vegan/food weekend in the following ways:

  1. My friends brought me an amazing burrito from San Diego.
  2. My coworkers ate 9 out of 12 beet burgers that I brought to the company picnic, and I’m still receiving compliments at work today.
  3. I ate a pear and “brie” sandwich at a place only 10 blocks from my house that I’ve never been to and it was fantastic. What’s up, Hazel Room?
  4. We harvested a ridiculous amount of kale and started making kale chips for the first time.
  5. AND, we made pizza using store-bought cornmeal crust (super awesome – want to make my own and fill the freezer!), homemade cashew cheese, spiced tomato sauce made from a small can of paste, fresh zucchini, tomato, garlic, red onion, and finished off with a bit of Italian Field Roast. It was stupid good. Like, I had the leftovers cold for lunch and I still felt all gourmet.

Being vegan rules.

The kale & tomato harvest.

Pizza, before.

Pizza, after.


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