The Never-Ending Day


Where do I even start? It’s the first day of the vegan mofo, and the first day of our trip in Sweden. Two nights before leaving, I found out my passport had expired (way to be on the details, eh?), so after sleeping maybe four hours, I was on the road to Seattle for an emergency renewal. I was lucky enough to get it on time, but my packing had been put on hold, and I spent my last night rushing around with another short four hour rest. Following that was a 13-hour flight (that I just couldn’t fall asleep on), and an effort to stay up all day in order to battle jet lag. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, my internal clock has no idea when I am, and though I had hoped to have my first mofo post be an exciting one, I’m just going to be happy I got one out at all.

So far the vegan thing isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. Coming from the Portland vegan bubble and not really knowing the language here, I’m finding it difficult to get full well-rounded meals – I’ve been relying on a lot of bread. It’s not that Sweden isn’t vegan friendly, but coming in on a Sunday when most things are closed and sticking to the city center has made for a lot of hungry wandering. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when everything is open and we go explore the “hip” district. It’s all ended well though, as we found a very flavorful veggie buffet for lunch and made some tasty pasta at the hostel for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow will be more detailed and include pictures. After I get a good night’s sleep. I promise, I’m actually very excited to be here.



  1. Wow, that sounds like a stressful start to a trip! I’m excited that you’re MoFoing anyway though and that you at least managed to find some pasta for dinner. I hope you manage to find something more exciting tomorrow!

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