Where Is The Love

I really want to be a good mofoer and post all the time. I have so many pictures of my food. Interesting information on camping vegan in a foreign country. A tip on where to get the best cinnamon bun.

But this is vacation. I’ve had internet access for only short instances since we arrived (especially since we spent two days on an island), and my best moments to blog are when I should be sleeping. I will try and be better during this second week, but I hope you’ll all hang in and wait for the recap when I get back to the states.


Falafel Burger


Veggie burger, Tofutti, and tortillas


Bulgar salad and handmade Snickers



  1. I’m impressed you’re managing to blog from the road at all, I’ll be trying it from next Friday until the end of MoFo and I hope I can succeed. I’ve never managed more than one post from a month long trip before so we shall see!

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