It’s nearing the end of our trip. It’s been so amazing, but I’m looking forward to going home. We’ve started getting homesick for the simple things and it makes me realise just how important they are. Kale and tomatoes from the garden. A green smoothie to start the day. Using the bathroom naked in the middle of the night. A firm mattress.

However, we have today to explore Malmö and tomorrow for Copenhagen, and I’m looking forward to both. We got into Malmö yesterday and fell in such love with an all vegan cafe that we ate there for both lunch and dinner! Lunch was a very cheap and tasty buffet with a broccoli soup that was so creamy! J had the housemade burger and bun with roasted before dried (the carrots were a nice surprise) and I had a mushroom risotto that was our of this world! Oh, and the raspberry chocolate mouse pie for dessert was just over the top.

Please forgive my sad cell phone pics which do not do this place justice. Everyone near Malmö should check out Kao!


Lunch Buffet


Delicious Burger


Creamiest Risotto



  1. That looks like a great cafe! Looking forward to hear what you think about Copenhagen. We went there for a day in May and it was awesome! There’s a bakery that sells vegan chocolate croissants!

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