Jet Lagged

Bah, I’m sucking at posting. But we’re back now. Got in Friday late night, spent the weekend trying to figure out what time it is and are at work today. I was full of energy at 6am, but now at 5pm I’m draaaaging. So the informative post doesn’t come today. Nor do the pictures because although I remembered to bring the camera cord to work, I forgot the camera.

The trip was great, but I’m so happy to be back, and one of the major reasons is the food. Don’t get me wrong, we ate really well, but I even get tired of eating out here in PDX. It’s been so nice to have our kale smoothie in the morning, and eat brown rice/black beans/tomatoes for lunch. We really haven’t even gone shopping yet because our garden had such a surplus that we’re just trying to make our way through that. Like, a million pounds of tomatoes, a zucchini the size of my leg, a half gallon bags worth of green beans that are all longer than my fingers. Probably the last time we go on a vacation at harvest time, but at least we came home to some good eats.

I’m inspired to cook. I need more time (work gets in the way of my cooking adventures!), but I’m hoping to can some tomatoes this week and make pretzel dogs. Probably stuff that zucchini. Perhaps a casserole. And I’m craving some homemade chocolate chip cookies.


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