*Cyclist – I haven’t owned a car in nine years. Bikes are my main mode of transportation and recreation. Sometimes I race cyclocross, sometimes I ride up into Mt. Hood to camp. I commute to work by bicycle daily. I’ll never stop pedaling.

*Vegan – For just under five years. I’m obsessed with cooking and I find myself becoming more and more involved in the political side of veganism. I can’t imagine going back.

*PDXer – Been in Portland for over five years. I love it. The mix of big city and small town is perfect for me. I’ve been watching friends of mine grow restless, but I’ve never felt more at peace or at home.

*Drinker – I love the beers. And the wines. And the gins. Hoping to learn to make beer at home. And cider with the crappy apples from the backyard.

*Reader/Writer – Modern Literature Major. Slowly finding my will to enjoy these activities again after having to do it for class every day.

*Gardener/DIYer – I’m an independent gal and I want to learn even more skills to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Ugh, labels. I’m sure there’s even a greater list. I can’t really fully fit under any single thing. I’m me. I’m 27, in love with a great man, searching for my life purpose, and trying to be as on top of my shit as I can be in the meantime.


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