Jet Lagged

Bah, I’m sucking at posting. But we’re back now. Got in Friday late night, spent the weekend trying to figure out what time it is and are at work today. I was full of energy at 6am, but now at 5pm I’m draaaaging. So the informative post doesn’t come today. Nor do the pictures because although I remembered to bring the camera cord to work, I forgot the camera.

The trip was great, but I’m so happy to be back, and one of the major reasons is the food. Don’t get me wrong, we ate really well, but I even get tired of eating out here in PDX. It’s been so nice to have our kale smoothie in the morning, and eat brown rice/black beans/tomatoes for lunch. We really haven’t even gone shopping yet because our garden had such a surplus that we’re just trying to make our way through that. Like, a million pounds of tomatoes, a zucchini the size of my leg, a half gallon bags worth of green beans that are all longer than my fingers. Probably the last time we go on a vacation at harvest time, but at least we came home to some good eats.

I’m inspired to cook. I need more time (work gets in the way of my cooking adventures!), but I’m hoping to can some tomatoes this week and make pretzel dogs. Probably stuff that zucchini. Perhaps a casserole. And I’m craving some homemade chocolate chip cookies.



It’s nearing the end of our trip. It’s been so amazing, but I’m looking forward to going home. We’ve started getting homesick for the simple things and it makes me realise just how important they are. Kale and tomatoes from the garden. A green smoothie to start the day. Using the bathroom naked in the middle of the night. A firm mattress.

However, we have today to explore Malmö and tomorrow for Copenhagen, and I’m looking forward to both. We got into Malmö yesterday and fell in such love with an all vegan cafe that we ate there for both lunch and dinner! Lunch was a very cheap and tasty buffet with a broccoli soup that was so creamy! J had the housemade burger and bun with roasted before dried (the carrots were a nice surprise) and I had a mushroom risotto that was our of this world! Oh, and the raspberry chocolate mouse pie for dessert was just over the top.

Please forgive my sad cell phone pics which do not do this place justice. Everyone near Malmö should check out Kao!


Lunch Buffet


Delicious Burger


Creamiest Risotto

Full Stomach

Chock it up bike touring (where we’re totally reliant on tiny stores in the middle of nowhere and the peanut butter in our bag), but I feel like I can eat vegan anywhere. Of course, Gothenburg has made this crazy easy with vegetarian restaurants and items marked vegan on most menus, but I’ve yet to go hungry here. From a tasty bagel sandwich this morning to a flavorful Turkish stew this afternoon, I’m actually stuffed. We’ve also been having a blast in the grocery stores, reading ingredients and trying to figure out what junk food is vegan.

The internet rumors of vegan pizza nearby, so we’ll be hunting that for dinner tonight. Most pictures are on my camera, so like I mentioned, I will do a full recap when I get back.

Oh, also, I totally love Sweden, this place is a dream.

The Sweetest Hangover

We went out drinking last night. Had an amazing dinner beforehand (vegan nachos!), and saw some hipster bars that would put PDX to shame. Got pretty lit (I started singing as we got back to the hostel, so yah). Spent too much money ($17 cocktails, $8 beer – I’d have to go sober if I lived here!). Had an awkward moment with the bartender as J saw him adding egg whites to my gin drink – so glad I didn’t drink that! Off to Gothenburg today, excited for the next leg of this adventure!


Hope you're a lightweight 'cuz this is what a $17 drink looks like.

Where Is The Love

I really want to be a good mofoer and post all the time. I have so many pictures of my food. Interesting information on camping vegan in a foreign country. A tip on where to get the best cinnamon bun.

But this is vacation. I’ve had internet access for only short instances since we arrived (especially since we spent two days on an island), and my best moments to blog are when I should be sleeping. I will try and be better during this second week, but I hope you’ll all hang in and wait for the recap when I get back to the states.


Falafel Burger


Veggie burger, Tofutti, and tortillas


Bulgar salad and handmade Snickers

What’s the Deal with Airplane Food

It’s 3am and a symphony of snores here in the dorm room, so I thought I’d expand on yesterday’s post a little more. I’m really loving Sweden so far, and have been in this crazy state of excitement/nervousness/exhaustion nearly the whole time. Everything is so clean and beautiful – I keep trying to figure out with J where a city so giant puts its trash and homeless people! As we walk around, I find that we both get giddy over the huge historic buildings, the cobblestone alleys, and the cliche European postcard views of a waterway with a puffy clouded sky and beautiful bell tower. The nerves are really only based in our lack of knowledge of the language – it would have been nice if we studied as much as we promised ourselves we would because we both tend to freeze up with shopkeepers. I think we’ll be practicing a few key phrases over breakfast tomorrow. And I obviously touched on the exhaustion before, but it’s made my patience for taking pictures or stopping in random stores very small. If I sleep more after this post, tomorrow should be better.

The people have been a little different than I thought they’d be. Everyone seems to be an aggressive driver (my heart has leapt a couple times in the crosswalk), yet no one seems stressed about it – I think I only heard a car horn once or twice yesterday, certainly no one yelling. No one seems willing to make room while walking, so unless we want to run right into someone, we’ve been dodging pedestrians like it’s a video game. Is personal space an American thing? Everyone has been friendly but many seem a little impatient, perhaps not the biggest fans of tourists. We got an eyeroll when we thought we had to pay for beer in-flight and neither of us understand why that clerk didn’t give us back our 2 SEK in change.

I was pleasantly surprised with our food options on the flights. Though you have to pay for snacks on United, we were able to get some hummus on the way to Chicago – yay for healthier America!


Hummus in a tube!

On the Scandinavian Air flight, we received chana masala, salad, and fruit salad. We specifically asked for a vegan meal, and although it came with butter on the side, I enjoyed a very hearty, healthy, and tasty dinner. Not to mention, spicier than most Indian food in Portland, ha.


Breakfast was less of success (Greek yogurt and honey granola), but I was still full from dinner and just grateful for the orange juice and coffee. Oh btw, Swedish coffee is great everywhere, even the gas station.

I was really relieved to be fed so well on a 13 hour journey, and I’m less worried about traveling vegan in the future!

The Never-Ending Day


Where do I even start? It’s the first day of the vegan mofo, and the first day of our trip in Sweden. Two nights before leaving, I found out my passport had expired (way to be on the details, eh?), so after sleeping maybe four hours, I was on the road to Seattle for an emergency renewal. I was lucky enough to get it on time, but my packing had been put on hold, and I spent my last night rushing around with another short four hour rest. Following that was a 13-hour flight (that I just couldn’t fall asleep on), and an effort to stay up all day in order to battle jet lag. Needless to say, I’m exhausted, my internal clock has no idea when I am, and though I had hoped to have my first mofo post be an exciting one, I’m just going to be happy I got one out at all.

So far the vegan thing isn’t going as well as I’d hoped. Coming from the Portland vegan bubble and not really knowing the language here, I’m finding it difficult to get full well-rounded meals – I’ve been relying on a lot of bread. It’s not that Sweden isn’t vegan friendly, but coming in on a Sunday when most things are closed and sticking to the city center has made for a lot of hungry wandering. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when everything is open and we go explore the “hip” district. It’s all ended well though, as we found a very flavorful veggie buffet for lunch and made some tasty pasta at the hostel for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow will be more detailed and include pictures. After I get a good night’s sleep. I promise, I’m actually very excited to be here.